A Specialty Group Disability Program for Physicians


The following are a few of the Key Features that are not in a Traditional Group DI Contract:


- A Your Own Occupation Definition throughout the Benefit Period which also breaks out the Physicians Specialty. What we see with other Group Di Contracts is that they have a Your Occupation Definition for either 2 or 5 years and then it goes to Any Occupation thereafter. In addition, other Group Di Contracts do not insure the Physicians Specialty Practice. So if a Surgeon no longer is able to perform surgery but can be a general practitioner, even though he is working full time, he would be classified as totally disabled because he can no longer perform surgery.


- Accounts receivables do not effect Disability Payments when they are received during a period of Disability. With other Group DI Contracts, when the accounts receivables are received by a Physician while they are collecting DI Benefits, these accounts receivables would then decrease the Physician's Disability Benefits.  


- Under the Residual Disability Benefit, there are two formulas used and whichever will pay the greater Residual DI Benefit will be paid to the Physician. 


- All Gross Income is considered for earnings. Not just a Physicians base income. 


- There are several Riders that are unique to this Contract that can be added:


- Infectious and Contagious Disease Rider

- Progressive Illness Rider. 

- Business Protection Rider where upon a Disability a Disability Benefit can be paid to the Business to help with the Expenses incurred by the Practice. 

- Pension Contribution Rider

- Extended Earnings Protection Rider

- An Unlimited Cost of Living Rider. 


- Employees of the Practice can be also insured under the Plan. Most of the time you have to have two separate plans. 


So we can design a very comprehensive Group DI Plan that your Standard Group DI Companies cannot.



What is Needed for a Quote


- Name and Address of the Physician Group.


- Names of Physicians and Employees to be included for coverage.


- Occupation/Duties of each Physician and Employee.


- Dates of Birth of each Physician and Employee.


- Annual Gross Income of each Physician and Employee.


- List Additional Riders that you would like to see within the Quote.