We understand-the workings of a P&C Agency


Why Independent P&C Agents Do Business with Life Brokerage Plus


Life Brokerage Plus was specifically designed to meet the needs of the Independent P&C Insurance Agent to be able to provide a means to provide Life Insurance, Estate and Business Planning Services and Life Insurance Policy Audits to your clients without taking away from your Primary Area of Insurance Sales and Services. We have over 50 years of combined experience providing our services and assistance to the Independent P&C Insurance Agent. The following is just a few of the reasons why Independent P&C Insurance Agents have chosen to do business with Life Brokerage Plus:


Life Insurance Plus


- We understand the workings of a P&C Agency.

- We provide Individual Assistance.

- We are available to make Joint Calls with your Clients.

- We provide Estate and Business Planning Service at no charge to your Client.

- We provide Life Insurance Policy Audits at no charge to your Clients.

- We can design specific Marketing Programs for your Agency.

- We are Independent and represent Multiple Carriers.

- We provide Customized and Creative Sales Solutions.

- We provide Comprehensive Impaired Risk Assistance with our Own In House Underwriter.

- There is No Splitting of Commissions, even if we are involved with the Sale Presentation or Design. You still are paid the Full Street Commission.

- We provide Illustration Support for all product lines. You do not have to run your own Illustrations.

- We provide Web-Site Support for Up to Date Forms and Product Information. A Term Insurance Quoting System is also available if you prefer to do your own Term Illustrations.

- We have our own Case Manager that takes care of your business and we have our Own Underwriting Team with each Carrier to process and underwrite your business. Your Business is not processed within the carriers General Population Processing Team.

- We are able to contract you with all of our carriers with one form to be completed.

- Applications can be e-mailed or faxed to us for processing.

- We are able to shop your cases with Multiple Carriers with One Exam and the appropriate Medical Records that we obtain.

- We order all Exam and Medical Records.

- We offer a Competitive Product Portfolio of Life, Disability, Long Term Care, Annuity and Critical Illness Contracts.

- We do not bombard you with irrelevant direct mailings regarding products and insurance companies.

- We only provide information that is going to help service your agency needs and the needs of your clients.


And finally, we work with you to fit into how your agency does business and to help increase your Agency's profitability without you having to spend additional time and money